VirTra prepares law enforcement officers with reality-based situational training so they, and every member of the community, are protected to the best of their abilities. 


Win the chance to attend a CIR Course of your choice!

As you may already know, VirTra has partnered with the experts at Critical Incident Review (CIR) to provide members of law enforcement with opportunities to attend "Enhanced Force Investigations; Applying Science, Evidence-Based Methods & the Cognitive Interview" courses, with tuition paid in full by VirTra. Topics covered include consideration of Human Factors and limitations, the use of "video evidence," the highly effective cognitive interview technique, and employing an investigative analysis of an officer involved in a critical incident. Officers who successfully complete a course will earn a certification in the development of Enhanced Force Investigations and the Cognitive Interviewing Process. And now, there are more opportunities than ever before.

Each course is taught by industry professionals Sgt. Jamie Borden (ret.) and Dr. Paul Taylor. Drawing will be random and will take place prior to each course's start date. Winners will be notified via email. 



Investigative strategies and awareness of the overarching investigative practice.



A clear understanding of predominat human performance issues faced by officers.



Details about the cognitive interview process and interview protocols.


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