My Story: Dinkheller





Train for Tomorrow by Learning From the Past


The Scenario

50+ branching options depending on the actions of the trainee, or the choice of the instructor.


The Curriculum

Two hours of coursework based on the event with testing materials, slideshow, and instructor manual.


The Lessons

What could have been done differently? Delve into everything from subject positioning to verbal commands.

The Story

On January 12, 1998, Deputy Kyle Dinkheller was murdered in an officer-involved shooting, and it was one of the first critical incidents recorded on dashcam. Dinkheller was 22 years old with 4 years of service in the Laurens County Sheriff’s Office of Georgia.

VirTra wants to give law enforcement a deeper look into the event that many officers were shown during training. We invite you to explore additional details that led to why Kyle failed to take proper action - and how you can avoid making the same mistakes.

You can see the dash cam footage of the traffic stop here.

The Training

This course was designed with real training value in mind. It includes lesser-known facts that were not widely known or publicized, such as:

  • External factors such as agency culture may have led Kyle to avoid taking action.
  • Dinkheller had a rifle available, but it was locked in the trunk of his squad car due to policy.
  • The opinions and guidance of Kirk Dinkheller - Kyle's father - who has been active in ensuring lessons are learned from his son's death.

By going through the scenario, officers and recruits alike can put their skills into practice. Using either verbal de-escalation or a less lethal tool is possible - lethal force is not the only option.

How to Obtain 'My Story: Dinkheller'

When purchasing a simulator, all of the coursework and their materials will be included. This course is only accessible through VirTra's simulators.

Current VirTra clients will receive the course and scenario during their annual maintenance visit. Materials such as the presentation and instructor guide can be accessed on the V-RC Portal.


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