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Download the complete guide for how judgmental use of force and firearms training simulators can improve outcomes for police and military.

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Why You Should Download the Guide

Police and military actions are under a great deal of scrutiny in the day and age of social media, and it has become clear that both officers and soldiers can benefit from additional training. Judgmental use of force and firearms training simulators provide a realistic yet safe environment, allowing police officers and soldiers to learn how to respond to various stimuli in the field.  In this guide, you will discover:

How use of force simulators make law enforcement and military training more effective.
Why a 300-degree law enforcement simulator is crucial for training police officers.
Improving defenses against active threat / active killer with virtual firearms training.

Improve Training Outcomes for Police and Military


Police officers and military personnel are charged with the task of protecting civilians and keeping the peace despite the dangerous situations they face every single day in the field. Often, saving lives – including their own – comes down to making the right decision in a split second. VirTra’s line of judgmental use of force and firearms training simulations is designed to put officers and soldiers in unique situations that evolve based on the decisions they make.