Discover What Debuted At IACP

This year, VirTra unveiled the high-fidelity, intense and most immersive simulation technology for use-of-force, de-escalation and critical awareness training at IACP.

New V-300 LE 4K™ and V-ST PRO LE 4K™ Resolution Series!

Additional New Products Debuted at IACP 2019

M4 and G17 Fundamental Skills Magazine™ (FSMs)


VirTra’s new patented mechanical malfunction kits and magazines allow for the slide to lock back at end of magazine for realism in training.

G17 Advanced Skills Magazine™ (ASMs)


The very first drop-in electro- mechanical instructor-induced malfunction capable pistol: NEW G17 Advanced Skills Magazine.  Ability to practice malfunction recovery, slide lock-back, and other skills.

M4 Advanced Skills Magazine™ (ASMs)


The NEW M4 Advanced Skills Magazine enables instructor-initiated single or multi-round malfunction. Trainees are able to practice malfunction recovery and other skills.

New V-VICTA™ Curriculum


The VirTra – Virtual Interactive Coursework Training Academy (V-VICTA™) program delivers nationally recognized certified curriculum. New courses include Active Threat (ATAK), Emotional Disturbed Persons, and De-Escalation.  



The evolution of a patented product, the V-Threat-Fire is a multi-location compact electric impulse device that simulates hostile return fire and other consequences. Easily clips to a belt, vest, or pant pocket.

V-DTS™ Driver Training System


VirTra’s NEW driver simulator focuses on the driver’s cognitive learning by the extensive decision-making training objectives, track tests and high definition immersive environments.

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Making the best more obtainable!  VirTra’s STEP program — like a lease, only better! — is a customizable training program which provides your agency with the equipment, coursework and maintenance on a monthly price. 
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