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Law Enforcement Training Camp (LETC) is an annual event held by Action Target that takes place over five days, with four days of full instruction. After registering for the event, attendees will choose four subject-specific classes (one per day) from several options. These classes are taught by world-class instructors with firearms training backgrounds.


Red Dot Optics Course

The Red Dot Optics course is designed to equip officers with the skills to transition from traditional iron sights to a pistol-mounted red dot optic. The course will be conducted in the VirTra simulator and on an Action Target live fire range. Additionally, the course provides sustainment material to help officers to continue building the skill set necessary for proper presentation.

Aug 21 - 25, 2023

Thistle, UT

What is VirTra?

VirTra provides simulator training for law enforcement and military to return home safely to their families after every shift. By carefully researching the needs of officers, we craft and deliver high quality training tools to agencies not only in the United States, but to 40 countries worldwide.

High Quality Simulators

From portable single-screen simulators to our flagship 5-screen V-300®, VirTra's scenarios are deployed worldwide to provide unparalleled training.

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Immersive Scenarios

Professionally filmed scenarios are displayed in HD resolution, giving officers experiences from active shooter response to de-escalation.


Durable, Reliable Hardware

CO2 training magazines and recoil kits that fit directly in an officer/soldier's duty weapon to simulate lifelike recoil for maximum training gain.

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Who is Action Target?

Action Target is the leading global expert on modern shooting ranges. Since 1986, the company has partnered with thousands of range owners worldwide to design, install and maintain world-class shooting ranges, systems, and equipment for law enforcement, military, educational, commercial, and residential markets.


From paper to pneumatic steel targets, there are many available to purchase, plus custom options.


Custom Ranges

Law enforcement, commercial, military, and residential ranges tailored to your needs.

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Targets & Equipment Services

Action Target provides range services, shooting equipment, and training events.

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